Yoga meets surf… at paradise!

Vista Guapa invites you to experience a great way to learn to surf or improve your skills in this yoga surf camp, which will be taught by professional instructor Deanna Black.
Here you will learn how surf and yoga can be great complements and feel the harmony that can be created by them, giving your body and mind the strength and balance needed to catch the waves…

Yoga Surf Camp Packages

[box class=”grey_box”]$1800 single occupancy
$1600 per person, double occupancy
$1400 per person, triple occupancy
* $200 OFF for registrations before April 15th.

This packages include accommodation, lessons, breakfast, use of equipment required for each activity, a one-day tour to Manuel Antonio National Park, and transportation from and to the airport if necessary.

About the instructor

Deanna Black was inspired by the movies Flashdance and Perfect in the 80’s which started her career as an aerobic instructor. She has studied and continues to study anatomy, exercise physiology and psychology and works as a holistic fitness trainer in a variety of settings. “I want to gain as much experience in as many different ways so I can motivate you efficiently and effectively.” After teaching a stretching class at Club Med in 1990, a student commented on what a nice yoga class that was. That began Deanna’s formal studying of what she had already been teaching.

Deanna’s yoga class taps into the physical body and finding ways to move, stretch, strengthen and release. Then she will have you observe your thoughts, breath, feelings and energy; she will ask to be in the moment and simply pay attention. Yoga means to yoke, to join, to connect. In Deanna’s class you decide what you need to connect with: your body, your mind, your breath, the Divine. It’s whatever YOU need.

With 26 years of teaching experience, Deanna is able to teach a group class yet have it meet each individual’s needs… It is not about synchronized yoga. Be prepared for the unexpected: a martial arts kick, a dance move, or maybe simulate ‘Paddle! Paddle! Paddle! UP!’ Then notice how you respond or react. Hopefully what you learn on your yoga mat, you can apply off the mat. Breathe, be empowered and realize your potential!

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