Welcome to our new partner: Calavera Swimwear!

We are very glad to announce our new partner, Calavera, an innovative swimwear created specifically for female surfers.

Calavera is a line of bikinis catered for the female surfer with an special design that allows independent, adventurous women to showcase their personal style without losing the functionality of performance-minded swimwear.

Anna Jerstrom, Calavera’s founder and passionate surfer, started her business grounded in the philosophy that female surfers should not be distracted by their bikinis but rather empowered by them!

The company’s birthplace is located right here in Jaco, where -as Anna told us- she aquired her surf skills. Before public release, Calavera Swimwear bikinis were rigorously field-tested in this spot by the Calavera Surf Team that includes Costa Rica’s number one ranked female surfer Jordan Hundley and rising surf star Evie Johnstone.

Developed and manufactured in the USA, the Calavera Swimwear is available for purchase online via the Calavera Web Shop

You can use this code with your next purchase and get an special discount: Calavera&VistaGuapa

Take a look at this video about the brand and enjoy Jaco Beach waves!


  1. PVR CR SUP says

    It is about time we had some good suits designed for the females. I will be sure to check these out and use the promo code offered. I normally just surf in a speedo bikini which is by no means sexy and also leaves some awful tan lines. Looking forward to some Costa Rica SUP in a cute suit!

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