Surf Lessons

Vista Guapa Surf Camp Surf Class Alvaro

Vista Guapa is proud to offer group or individual surf lessons with our team of professional instructors led by Alvaro Solano. Alvaro is a 7-time national champion and currently holds the championship title. He has over 9 years experience as a professional surfer and 11 years experience as a surf instructor.

Vista Guapa offers instruction to surfers of all experience levels and ages, from first time beginners to surfers preparing to compete. We try to keep the ratio of students to instructor at three or less, and may restrict the size of the class based on availability of instructors.

The only prerequisites for surf lessons are an ability to swim and a positive attitude. Our instructors are in the water with the students, helping to select and catch waves and providing constant feedback to the students. Except when conditions are rough or with younger or more timid first-time surfers, students will paddle out past the breakline, rather than just surf the white water nearer to the shore. It is quite a workout!

Vista Guapa Surf Camp Surf Class

Surf lessons are $75 for a 2 to 2.5 hour lesson per person for non-guests of the camp, and $65 for our guests. Prices exclude credit card surcharge of 6%. New, high quality surfboards are included with instruction for use only during the lesson.

Lessons are generally on longboards for beginner surfers, and we do have some foam boards for younger surfers. If you would like to use a surfboard outside of lessons or on your own, we can help you rent a board in town for either daily or weekly use. The cost is usually $15 – $20/day or $50 – $60/week, depending on the quality and condition of the board.