Stand Up Paddle

Vista Guapa Surf Camp is the first place in Costa Rica that offers SUP lessons, providing the latest YOLO Boards and Equipment  to learn this new sport and enjoy the water in some of the most beautiful locations in our country. We are also continuously offering SUP camps with experts, for our visitors to improve their SUP skills and add a new dimension to their enjoyment of the ocean.

Stand Up Paddle or SUP is a discipline derived from the surf culture of Hawaii, which uses a paddle and you can practice in both small and big waves, or calm waters such as lakes and rivers.

The way we know it today started in Hawaii circa 1950’sas a way for surf instructors and Lifeguards to patrol the shore, so is a relatively new sport.

Dave Kalama at Vista Guapa Surf Camp

It was rediscovered by Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama, two legendary big-wave surfers from Hawaii and now major drivers of SUP around the world. In Costa Rica, SUP has been in practice for about the past four years and Vista Guapa was instrumental in this movement.

You don’t have to catch a wave to feel the peaceful glide of an SUP over water… Come to Vista Guapa and experience the wonderful sensation of this magical and simple recipe: Board + Paddle + Water = Pura Vida.


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