Kalama Kamp Guests Experience

Let’s hear it for Kalama!

Enthusiasm don’t stop here at Vista Guapa Surf Camp. We still continue recalling good memories, telling stories and of course practicing what we have learned about Stand Up Paddle… And so our friends! Check out these reviews of three participants at the last Kalama Kamp in Costa Rica:

Mark Salvetti

Kalama Kamp Costa Rica turned out to be more than I could have imagined, it was pretty much a perfect week in Paradise at Vista Guapa Surf Camp. About one year ago I emailed Dave Kalama to expound the virtues of my favorite place outside of my own home, a little slice of heaven we know as Vista Guapa. Dave was quick to reply and suggested the conversation be taken up by his sidekick, Brody Welte. I managed to get Brody as well as Jeff Archer the Founder of YOLO Boards (and the Camps exclusive SUP supplier) to visit the camp in December. I could see the look on their faces the first day and knew that these guys were hooked. In the airport with Brody he said a Kalama Kamp would work perfectly at Vista Guapa, it may just take some time. Well, about a month later we were planning the first ever Kalama Kamp and first ever SUP specific camp in Costa Rica. The camp would differ from the other Kalama Kamps by way of capitalizing on the nearly perfect surfing conditions that always seem to be present in Costa Rica. Many of the other Kalama Kamps are located in areas with varying conditions, this KK would make the best of what Costa Rica has the best of……SUP Surfing.

Six lucky guests traveled from Maui to Mexico, Maine to California to experience not only the best that Costa Rica has to offer by way of the Vista Guapa accommodations, staffing and surfing experience. They were also subject to the vast knowledge of Dave Kalama his partners Brody Welte, John Denney as well as Vista Guapa’s resident expert and 7 time CR National Champion Alvaro Solano. The daily routine although planned and structured also had flexibility to allow for sore muscles, hungry stomachs and Lakers Basketball Games. As the unofficial camp photographer/videographer and tour guide, I was mostly in charge of making sure everyone had a great time and remembered the trip….epically. The official results are in, everyone had a blast and has the photo/video evidence to prove it.

Dave/Brody and John had a great time as well, and are definitely looking at the second Kalama Kamp in March 2012. You can rest assured I will be back to make sure that the Maquina Felicidad is running smoothly.

Pura Vida

Francisco Filizola
Monterrey, México

Hace unos meses me enteré en facebook de la opción de participar en un campamento de SUP en Costa Rica.
Mi experiencia con el mar se limita a solo un par de años haciendo SUP en el Golfo de México.
Me interesaba mucho surfear el Pacífico y aprender una rutina de entrenamiento físico que me ayudara a surfear mejor.

Kalama Kamp / Vista Guapa : la combinación resultó ser perfecta .

Alvaro y su equipo en Vista Guapa siempre se preocupan por que encuentres buenas olas. Olas seguras en las que te sientas a gusto.
En el hotel el staff es super atento y los desayunos después de estar varias horas en el mar son lo mejor del día!

Dave/John/Brody hacen un equipo super compacto que se complementa en cada actividad.
Fue muy interesante poder aprender una nueva técnica de remo.
Pero tambien fue super interesante el tema de el control de respiración que ayuda en muchos aspectos de la vida.

En resumen fue una semana de regresar a sentirme como cuando tenia 12 años.
Solo me preocupaba por pasármela bien, saber que iba a salir a seguir divirtiéndome, sin problemas de nada. Solo jugar!

Saludos! Un gran abrazo!

Mark T Weiser DDS
Santa Barbara Ca

I got interested in Kalama Kamp as I have always wanted to attend a surf camp where all I did on a vacation was surf! And since I only do stand up paddleboarding it was a no brainer to inquire and then attend a camp that featured a legendary waterman in Dave Kalama.
My suprise was the camp at Vista Guapa. Sit upon the best view in the whole central part of Costa Rica, Vista Guapa Surf Camp was a pleasant suprise in itself. The memorable part is the staff… Alvaro,David, Wendy, and staff were absolutely awesome! Great people who would do anything for you…..you could not ask for better hosts. The in house breakfasts after grueling morning workouts were to die for. The evening dining at local restaurants was quite unique and fun. It was hot there and so were the waves… the whole time, an experience not to be forgotten. The whole experience was just what I wanted so thanks to the team at Vista Guapa, I will be back (if they’ll have me) !!




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