Encouraging waves at Vista Guapa!

One of our recent visitors is a motivational speaker and expert in encouragement. He had a very good experience with us and wanted to share with his followers what he learned at Vista Guapa.

Here is an extract of what he wrote about us:

Surfing Camp at Vista Guapa ROCKED! There’s nothing better than a great coach to help you learn something new or improve something you’re good at. It was an honor to have Alvaro Solano teach me how to surf. He holds eight Costa Rican surfing champion titles and loves to teach! He gave me complete guidance on every step of the process, and I caught a whopping seven waves the first day — six of which I stayed upright on! Many people don’t catch and ride a wave until after several days of lessons. I credit Alvaro’s great coaching! My friends said I needed proof that I surfed (doubters!), so, I’ve included a photo on this page.

Dr. TC North

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