Alvaro's Surf Tip of the Month

Study the Waves

It is important that before entering into the water, we do a quick check of the waves (around 10-15 minutes), is essential to pay attention to 3 factors:

  • Size of the waves – sometimes if you don’t watch a spot carefully, you can watch a set which appears to be around 2-4 feet and don’t spend the time to watch longer. Then you enter the ocean and realize that there are 5 – 7 feet sets, which can lead to a bad experience.
  • Strength and Direction of Currents – How strong are the currents? Which way are they pulling? It is important to use currents to our advantage.
  • Where to Paddle Out – It is important to choose a specific place, look closely at the waves in order to find a channel, or a place where waves aren’t breaking as often, which makes the paddle out a lot easier!



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