Alvaro’s Surf Tip of the Month

Remember we always say – Stay low! Look forward! Stay relaxed! Well,let me add one more thing – Watch your body posture!

You are probably asking yourself – how am I supposed to watch myself surf? If you are thinking of pictures or video, you are correct. This is the easiest way to see what you are doing.
How are your feet – too wide or too narrow?
Are you leaning forward? Is your back to straight?
What about hand position? Knees bent?

We need to understand that body position is different on each individual. What works best for you dependes on your height and weight. We need to make it work in accordance with our own personal style. Once you see yourself in pictures or video, it is easier to understand what you are doing – and what you could do better.

Remember to be patient and stick with it. It always pays off in the end!



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