The Vista Guapa Team is an assembly of the best surf instructors and nicest Costa Rican people who are here to make your vacation relaxing, exciting, fun and memorable. Most of the staff has been with Vista Guapa for several years and operate as one big family.

Alvaro Solano Delgado, President of Vista Guapa

Birthplace: Jaco, Costa Rica
Favorite Surf Break: Secret Spot
Surfing Since: 1985

Alvaro started surfing at the age of 10, pursuing a dream of traveling the world and competing internationally. By the time he was 16 he had already won his first National Surfing Championship and was sponsored by JJ Phillips
Surfing. He went on to take seven national titles in total, plus the 2011 Masters National Championship, and is currently sponsored by Banzaii Surf Boards. Alvaro has been teaching surf lessons in Jacó since 1997, has coached the National Surfing Team, continues to coach several competitive surfers and co- founded Vista Guapa in January 2001. While often considered quiet and shy on land, his grace, skill and dominance on the water is unmistakable to any on-looker, and his encouraging coaching style leaves every student with a broad smile of victory after every lesson.

Leo Calvo Arrieta

Birthplace: San Jose
Surfing Since: 2005
Favorite food: Fish
Competing: Since 2007
Competitive category: Mini gromet and gromet
Achievements: 3rd Place 2008 National Championships, 4th Place 2007, 1st Place CNS Mini Gromet Championship 2008-2009 / 2009 -2010
Goals: To be a professional surfer
Inspiration: My inspiration comes from the sea.
Favorite Surfers: Kelly Slater, Bruce Irons, Mick Fanning and Luis Vindas
Ranked: #1 Mini-gromet

Dennis Picado Solano (“Titi”)

Birthplace: Pérez Zeledón, San Jose
Surfing Since: 2007
Favorite food: Lobster
Competing: Since 2010
Competitive category: Mini gromet
Achievements: 5th Place 2011 CNS
Goals: Become a surfer instructor or Pro Surfer
Favorite Surfers: Andy Irons, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and Dane Reinolds

Wendy Solano Ortiz, Office Manager/Chief Photographer

Birthplace: San José, Valle Central, Costa Rica
Working with us: Since 2004
Hobbies: Taking surfing and motocross pictures, dancing, biking, reading
Comments: “I hope you like our ‘maquina de felicidad’ (the happiness machine) that is Vista Guapa, and I feel happy when I see you smile when you see the surfing pictures I take during the lessons.”

Canela, Rayita and Callejera, Camp Dogs

Birthplace: Somewhere in Jaco, Costa Rica
With US: Since 2002
Hobbies: Running around patrolling the grounds, getting attention from the guests, escorting the guests to their rooms at night, lying around in the sun (and sometimes on the porches of the guest bungalows)
Funny story: We originally were not sure if we had room for more dogs, so we found a nice family in Esterillos for Canela (about 20 minutes drive south of Jaco). Well, she loved Vista Guapa so much, 3 days later she was sitting on the front porch, having walked the entire way back home.

Coquito y Kumbia, Barking Guard Dogs

Birthplace: Also somewhere in Jaco, Costa Rica
With Us:Since 2003 (Coquito) and 2006 (Kumbia)
Hobbies: Alerting us that someone is coming down the road, and deterring anyone thinking of coming on the property that is not welcome.